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Commenting on this site

If you have found anything on this site useful or helpful, please do let us know by emailing paformusic@btinternet.com or by using the Webwiki comment link below. If you find any errors, broken links, etc, then in the first instance please email paformusic@btinternet.com.

If you can't find the information you require, try the structured list of topics on the Training page. If you still don't see it then please do contact us, as updates with additional information are often made. Emails are also welcome giving suggestions as to how this site could be improved or how it should develop in the future. Or, if you have any advice from your PA experience (or experiences − good or bad!) that may be useful to other readers (see PA Proverbs).

If you would like to make comments or suggestions relating to this site then please use the Webwiki comment link below. Alternatively, either email paformusic@btinternet.com or add a comment on the PAforMusic blog.

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The author is happy to take any technical questions on PA systems − such as how to solve a problem with your existing equipment, or how best to interconnect it, use it, or adjust it. Contact PAforMusic at paformusic@btinternet.com (but first please check the FAQ and refer to the privacy policy). This service is entirely free and is operated without any obligation to you or to us. Please provide as much information as you can about the problem or situation, including the makes and model numbers of the relevant equipment (if applicable). It will usually be possible to provide a response within a few days. PAforMusic does not guarantee response times, nor to provide replies to all questions received. Replies from PAforMusic are subject to the Disclaimer on the home page, and to any further disclaimer contained in them.

If, however, you are seeking advice as to the most appropriate make or model of equipment to buy for a particular purpose, you would be better advised to contact a reputable PA equipment supplier − though for microphones first check out the PAforMusic microphone selector and for mixers first see the notes on choosing a mixer. Other information on this site may also be of help to you in understanding what you require from your equipment. Descriptions and technical specifications of specific equipment may often be obtained from the relevant manufacturer's website − for links see the Manufacturers page.

The content of this website is copyright. No part of it may be commercially published in any form. However, limited permission is hereby granted for information derived from this content to be reproduced in a substantially reworded form, and for small portions of text (less than one paragraph) to be reproduced without rewording, provided that this source is acknowledged. If however you wish to reproduce larger portions in any form (electronic or printed), then you must first request permission by emailing paformusic@btinternet.com − please allow 5 working days for a response. All rights reserved.

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