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Self-Test Quiz

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I hope you enjoy this short quiz. If you would like more quiz questions, please let me know.

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"Remember, no-one can make you feel inferior without your consent." − Eleanor Roosevelt.

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1.  Which kind of interconnection is most suitable for carrying low-level signals over long cables?
a. Balanced low impedance
b. Unbalanced low impedance
c. High impedance
Not answered

2.  What is a decibel?
a. A linear measure of sound level
b. A logarithmic measure of relative power
c. An absolute measure of sound pressure level
Not answered

3.  Which of these kinds of microphone is the most directional?
a. Omni-directional
b. Super-cardioid
c. Cardioid
Not answered

4.  What is a DI box?
a. A device enabling the input of digital signals to a mixer
b. A box that enables several separate cables to be connected into a multicore cable
c. A device enabling the connection of unbalanced signals to a balanced line
Not answered

5.  What is an effects return?
a. An input that accepts the output signal of an effects unit
b. A signal supplied to an effects unit
Not answered

6.  What is a mixer gain control for?
a. To set the maximum level of the channel in the mix
b. To set the minimum level of the channel in the mix
c. To match the level of the input signal to the mixer circuits
Not answered

7.  If four speakers, each with an impedance of 8 ohms, are looped together (thus connecting them in parallel) and are connected to the output of a mono amplifier, what is the effective load impedance presented to the amplifier?
a. 2 ohms
b. 4 ohms
c. 8 ohms
d. 32 ohms
Not answered

8.  A doubling in power level is represented by an increase of how many decibels?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 6
Not answered

9.  In a small venue, the sound level of the monitor speakers should be set to:
a. The highest level that can safely be achieved without risk of feedback
b. The level that the performer wants
c. The level that is just adequate for the performer's needs
d. The lowest level that can be used without the performer complaining
Not answered

10.  What is the approximate time taken for sound to travel 10 metres (in air)?
a. 3 milliseconds
b. 5 milliseconds
c. 15 milliseconds
d. 30 milliseconds

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