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PA-Related Links

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This page contains some useful and/or interesting PA-related links. They are categorised but, with the exception of the first category, have no particular order within each category. If you would like to suggest your own site (or any other site that you have found) to be added here, please contact PAforMusic.

No approval of the security or content of the listed sites is implied. Access to them is at your own risk.

Please note that links to PA (and related) manufacturers' and suppliers' sites have their own pages on PAforMusic − click these links.

(where relevant, forums now have their own sub-section at the end of each section)

Organisations, associations, standards bodies, etc.

General PA / audio / acoustics


For musicians, vocalists & recording


AV, TV, theatre, film, events, etc:


Equipment repair, mods, self-build, etc:


Music, audio clips & related info


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This page last updated 18-Feb-2020.