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Glossary of PA Terms - Y

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The glossary pages provide definitions for over 2680 PA-related terms. If you can't find the term you are looking for, or would like any of the existing definitions to be expanded, please email me − likewise of course if you find any errors in the links etc. Use of this information is conditional upon acceptance of the Disclaimer on the PAforMusic home page.

In the list below, the most commonly looked-up terms are in bold, lighting-specific terms are in pink, and video-specific terms are in orange.

Y * Y/C video * Y-connector * Yammy * Yellow Book * YGDAI

The definitions for these terms are given on the assumption of their use in the context of PA systems; many of the terms have more general meanings when used in a wider context. Where more than one definition is given for a term, the definitions are numbered (1), (2) etc.

Some of the definitions themselves use terms (such as "signal") in a specific way − most of these are links (just the first time they are used, in each definition), so just click on them to see the meanings that are intended.

Y (1)

An abbreviation for luminance. Use of the letter Y may seem strange, but is thought to be because of its appearance being indicative of converging beams of the three additive primary colours (red, green and blue), whose total illuminating strength equals the value of luminance.

Y (2)

The symbol for admittance.

Y/C video

See S-video.


A device consisting of a plug and two sockets internally wired together, to enable a single output to be connected to two inputs. This term is used because the letter Y is similar in appearance to the physical design of many types of this device. Also called a 'splitter'. See also Connector.


A slang abbreviation for the equipment manufacturer Yamaha, sometimes used to refer to an item of equipment manufactured by them. See also PV.

Yellow Book

See CD standards.


An abbreviation for 'Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface', identifying a series of expansion cards for use in the option I/O slots of compatible Yamaha digital mixers, processors, and power amplifiers. The 'Mini' versions of these cards are most popular.

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